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Carrie Underwood Stops being too hard on herself
Carrie Underwood Has Learned to Stop Being So Hard on Herself

Carrie Underwood Has Learned to Stop Being So Hard on Herself

CARRIE UNDERWOOD’s “Cry Pretty Tour” kicked-off last night . . . and to give it some momentum she was on yesterday’s Today Show.  She talked about the pressures of trying to balance a career and a family.

NATALIE MORALES suggested that Carrie sets the bar higher than the average working mom, but she doesn’t see it that way.  Quote, “Everything that we all do is just as difficult, but in different ways.  I know what it’s like to juggle, that’s what parents do.”

Carrie said she’s in a good place lately because she’s learned to NOT be so hard on herself.  Quote, “I feel really good, and that’s because I stopped trying to be perfect and I started putting one foot in front of the other instead of trying to plan everything out.

“[I] was putting it on myself, and then I realized that’s not a sustainable way to live.  And I needed to just cut myself some slack.  Give myself a break.”

The two of them did a Kettlebell workout, and Carrie talked about how important fitness is in her life.  Quote, “It allows me to be better having that hour in the morning.  I’m a better mom, a better performer, a better wife.  I just feel better when I get to workout.”